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Can you name the South Park Trivia Seasons 1 - 5 1/2 (the rest will come soon)?

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What is Wendy's last name?
Who does Mr. Garrison try to assassinate?
Who does Scuzzlebutt have for a leg?
What A-list celebrity is a cameo voice in 'Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride' as a dog?
Who sings with chef when an elephant makes love to a pig?
What other name does Grampa call Stan?
What causes Kenny to turn into a zombie in 'Pinkeye'?
What country is Starvin' Marvin from?
What is Bebe's last name?
What is Satan's son's name?
Who cameos as the voice of Miss Ellen?
What celebrity turns into a robot?
Who does Cartman's mom sleep with to try to get Cartman aborted?
To what country is Terrance's daughter kidnapped?
What celebrity gets eaten when the blizzard hits South Park?
What South Park character was once illiterate?
Finish this sentence: Drugs are bad ...
What does the school nurse have attached to the side of her head?
What's the name of the religious public access show in South Park?
What crashes during the clip show episode?
Where do Jimbo and Ned go to buy fireworks?
Finish this song lyric: Suck on my chocolate salty balls, they're good for you and high in ...
What does Kenny have that the parents arranged a sleepover at his house for?
What do new employees of the Planetarium always say?
Whose parents almost get divorced?
During the Cow Days festival, what does Cartman think he is?
What is Chef's song that was stolen?
What does 'nice' Cartman have that normal Cartman doesn't have in 'Spooky Fish'?
Who does Cartman's uncle escape from prison with?
What's step 3 for the underpants gnomes?
What do they name the ice man?
What country is the rain forest that the boys get lost in?
What does Randy do for a living?
How much does the Loch Ness Monster usually ask for?
Who is the only one who likes the Jakovasaurs?
What does Mr. Adler the shop teacher tell the boys to stop doing?
What is Sexual Harassment Panda's name?
Who babysits Cartman in Cat Orgy?
Who does Randy get gay with?
Who's head appears at Kyle's Jewish camp?
What rock group comes to solve the pirate ghost mystery?
What do American's have that's really big and the Japenese have that's really small?
Who are the home schooled kids?
Who's harassing Starvin' Marvin's people?
Who ends up leading the Confederates?
Finish this song lyric: 'God is gonna kick your ass you infedelic ...'
Who is the last kid to go through puberty?
From what state are the kids who feud with the Colorado kids at the recorder concert?
Who do the kids exploit when they join the mob?
Who does Cartman throw a rock at to get sent to juvenille hall?
When Timmy comes to town what are the boys diagnosed with?
What country are the quintuplets from?
Who invites Cartman to join NAMBLA?
What is the name of the novel Mr. Garrison writes?
Who originally thinks the racist flag should be kept in South Park, provoking Chef to go nanners?
What's the name of Cartman's boy band?
What's the name of Satan's wimpy boyfriend?
What's the only religion that's allowed to get into heaven?
Who is initially the new fourth grade teacher?
Who runs for kindergarten class president?
What's the name of Timmy's turkey?
In the Great Expectations parody, what does Estella kill?
What's the name of the fictional brand of donuts?
In 'The Wacky Molestation Adventure' what is Craig's new alter ego?
What's the name of the toy store?
In 'It Hits the Fan' how many times was the S-word used?
Who gets fired as scout leader?
Who leads the cult that Kyle is lured into?
What's the secret ingredient in the chili Cartman serves to Scott Tenorman?
How much money does Stan tell Phillip Earth Day will pay him
Initially who is allowed to get into Cartmanland?
What does Mr. Garrison use to show the kids how to apply a condom on a wooden penis?
What does Towelie wanna get?
In Iraq, what singer is the goat mistaken for?
What can Cartman no longer do after he sees the butt-head people?
What is Kyle's cousin's name?

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