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What did Jack ask Boone to go find to help a non-breathing Rose?101
Who took the gun away from Sawyer after he shot the bear?102
What was the name of the farmer in Australia who turned Kate in?103
What paraplegic did Locke say climbed Mount Everest?104
Who 'stole' the water bottles from the group?105
What did Jin try to get Hurley and Claire to reluctantly eat?106
How many times does Charlie ask Locke for his drugs (number is spelled out)?107
What does Sayid say can be used instead of bamboo under the fingernails?108
Who is the first person to hear the whispers on-screen?109
What does Claire find in the baby's crib in her dream?110
What's the name of the pregnant girl who dies on Christian's operating table?111
What does Kate tell the bank manager she takes photographs of?112
Who does Boone have a chance encounter with at the Sydney police department?113
What superhero comic book is Walt reading?114
Who was the original owner of the flask that Charlie stole?115
What type of food did Frank Duckett sell?116
What song is Hurley listening to on his headphones before the batteries die out?117
What game does Leonard Simms play?118
What game does Locke show the boy in the store how to play?119
Who is present at Aaron's birth besides Kate, Claire & Charlie?120
What is Sayid's friend's name who commits suicide?121
Who poisoned Michael's water?122
What subject does Arzt teach?123
What does Danielle say are the three options when the Others come?124
What song does Desmond wake up to when we first see him?201
What does Michael & Sawyer encounter in the water after the Others kidnap Walt?202
What book is the Swan film hidden behind?203
Who is on the milk carton in Hurley's dream?204
Who did Sun's parents want her to marry?205
What does Sabrina Carlyle's company plan?206
What was the name of the man with the broken leg who Libby helped?207
What song is playing when Ana Lucia shoots Jason?208
Who else is able to see Kate's horse on the island?209
What is removed from young Eko's neck after he shoots the old man?210
Who is Jack trying to find when they run into Tom at the line they're not supposed to cross?211
What ceremony does Mr. Eko perform on Aaron?212
Who followed Locke to where he moved the stash of guns?213
What state did 'Henry Gale' say he was from?214
What song does the mobile at the Staff station play?215
Who treks with Sayid & Ana Lucia to find Henry's balloon?216
QuestionAnswerEpisode Number
What's in the center of the blast door map?217
What does Hurley get on Dave's slipper?218
Who is the last person to help Bernard with the S.O.S. sign?219
Who does Christian get into an argument with in the rain before Ana Lucia gets him back in the car?220
Who does Eko & John see on the video screen when they first visit the Pearl Station?221
Who takes Michael's blood sample at the decoy village?222
What book is Desmond saving to read until right before he dies?223
Who figured out how to first fake a lockdown?224
What is Juliet's book club book?301
Who does Sun shoot on the boat?302
What is Jack removing in Locke's sweat lodge dream?303
From what book do Ben and Sawyer quote to each other?304
Locke says that Eko's last words were 'We're next' but what do his lips actually say?305
What actor plays Kate's husband Kevin?306
What is the name of the company Richard tells Juliet he works for?307
What does Eloise ask Desmond if he likes before they go on a walk?308
What does Isabel say Jack's tattoos say?309
Whose body does Hurley find in the old Dharma van?310
In what country was Sayid a cook?311
What does Mikhail say when he's pushed through the sonar fence?312
Who does Ben ask to go get the man from Tallahassee?313
What celebrity makes a cameo as himself as an actor in Expose?314
What part of Juliet's body does Kate injure when they're handcuffed together? 315
What is Rachel's son's name?316
Who is in the photograph with Brother Campbell?317
When she's alone in the Staff Station, what does Juliet say about Ben after she shuts off the tape recorder?318
What town in Alabama does Sawyer ask Anthony Cooper if he's ever been to?319
Who was Ben's school teacher in the Dharma Initiative?320
What does the DS on Charlie's ring really stand for?321
Who turns off the French transmission at the radio tower?322
Who wrote the prescription Jack tries to use at the pharmacy to get his pills?323
What game do Jack & Hurley play at Santa Rosa?401
Who does Frank recognize on the television in the Oceanic hotline commercial?402
In what country does Sayid meet Elsa?403
Where does Hurley accidentally tell Kate that Locke is keeping Miles captive?404
What is the painting of that's on display at the auction Charles Widmore is attending?405
What does Ben make Juliet for dinner on their 'date'?406
What toy does the shopkeeper try to sell Jin when he can't give him the other panda?407
What does the fake bomb say when Michael presses the button on the boat?408
What alias does Ben use when he checks into the hotel in Tunisia?409
QuestionAnswerEpisode Number
What toy does Jack step on when he gets out of the shower with Kate?410
What poster does Locke have up in his school locker?411
What statue does Hurley's mom say is not a weapon?412
What was Hurley doing when Sawer & Jack found him outside of the Orchid station?413
Who does Michael see right before the bomb blows up?414
Who shoots John Locke during the time flashes?501
What country does Carmen Reyes say that Sayid is from when he's passed out on her couch?502
What language does Juliet say is Others 101?503
Who shoots an unknown assailant in the outrigger chase?504
Who is the first person of the French science team to go missing?505
What is Jack's grandfather's name?506
Who is the first person Locke & Matthew visit after leaving Charles Widmore?507
What job title does Juliet have in the Dharma Initiative?508
Who is in charge of the flame station in 1977?509
What is Sayid's brother's name?510
Who takes care of Aaron when Kate leaves on Ajira?511
What does Charles tell Ben he came to the submarine dock to do?512
What movie is Hurley writing?513
What musical instrument does Daniel Faraday play?514
Who builds a ship in a bottle?515
Whose Dharma jumpsuit does Sayid wear?516
Whose flashback in 'The Incident' is the only one not to feature Jacob?517
Who does Locke talk to on Flight 815 in 'LA X'?601
What is inside Hurley's guitar case?602
What stuffed animal does Kate find in Claire's bag?603
Whose car blocks Locke's wheelchair ramp?604
Whose name is at number 108 in the lighthouse?605
What is Sayid not supposed to let the Man in Black do when he sees him in the jungle before he stabs him?606
What island does Ben say Napoleon was exiled to?607
What movie does Sawyer tell Charlotte inspired him to be a cop?608
Where does Richard & Isabella live before she dies?609
Whose does Keamy say is friends with Mikhail?610
What is Penny's last name on the guest list?611
Whose ghost tells Hurley what the whispers are?612
Whose appearance does the Man in Black tell Jack he took in order to help him find water?613
Who gets hit in the head with a submarine door?614
What does the Man in Black say that the wheel channels?615
What did Kate become that made Jacob cross her off the list?616
Who appears on stage at the concert but has no speaking lines?617

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