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Forced Order
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No, with the drapes I used a sewing machine.
I used to have a stomach.
Al Jazeera is a network.
I'm a vegetarian.
We know you gave two bottles to the Koreans.
That's me. Hard-core.
Oooh, show. I like shows.
You bet. How bout you come a little closer and warm me up?
You think I'm insane.
Look, if I was a cop and some woman got attacked, we'd canvas, right? Knock on doors, find witnesses. But we don't even have doors.
Well, you're either a taxidermist or a hit man?
You better find yourself a runway, daddy, cuz there ain't a lock I can't pick.
Three years later that block of marble was the statue of David.
It was weird. I actually saw it, in my mind or something, like it was real.
If you don't, I'm going to kill one of them.
I never blamed a boar for all my problems.
When I slapped you I was protecting you.
You've got to get away from it or it won't stop.
A game. It's my favorite game, actually. I used to play it with my brother.
Yes. I just need to take it a little slow. Are you okay with that?
I was. If you're going to play nursemaid, at least do the damn job.
I don't think so. As soon as I get my license we should just get in a car and drive. You know, run away.
I hate flying. And they stuck me all the way in the back of the plane where the wheels come down right under your damn feet.
And then my 3rd wife, she says, get this, she says, 'I didn't sign up for this.'
Then how come I can wiggle my toes?
Thank you? For what? For you trying to save your own ass?
Now, I admit -- at first I thought it was funny -- now it's just annoying.
Everything's going to change. Have a cluckity-cluck-cluck day, Hugo.
I don't think I've ever seen someone so scared in my life. And I know about scared.
Hey, you know what? I don't remember Goodwin. And I'm really sorry about whatever happened to him, but I don't care.
You waited 40 days to cry.
Should you kill me? Maybe you should. Maybe you were meant to.
From the moment the alarm sounds you will have 4 minutes to enter the code into the microcomputer processor.
I've only done what I needed to do to survive. How is that a sin?
Careful. There's a line, son. You know it's there. And pretending it's not -- that would be a mistake.
QuoteWho Said It
I'm kind of waiting for my moment.
You want to break 7 Virgin Maries, be my guest. I'm superstitious.
But know this -- he will lie -- a long time. He will lie.
I remember a girl -- a girl with blue eyes. She helped me. She saved me, just like you did. She wasn't like the others. She was -- good.
Well, there'd be no balloon, so I'd draw a map to a real secluded place like a cave or some underbrush -- good place for a trap -- an ambush.
We were there to get past him, to get on with our lives, to let him go. Get out of here.
Hey, it's taco night, dude, let's blow this pop stand.
Aren't you remotely curious as to where all this came from? You're acting like we just got back from the supermarket.
It's perfect for someone who stopped being a cop.
I believe they made a circle -- a target -- so that this place can be seen from up above.
You better leg it, mate. Clock's ticking.
Do you think I did it on purpose? I was sailing for two and half weeks, bearing due West and making 9 knots. I should have been in Fiji in less than a week.
And this is my favorite book. So I am absolutely thrilled that you can't stand it.
But that blond who had a gun pointed at you? She would have shot you -- no problem.
There's nothing you can do for them. Not yet. First you have to clean up your own mess.
I was building a church before Eko exploded.
A small boy once asked me if I was a bad man. If I could answer him now, I would tell him that... when I was a young boy, I killed a man to save my brother's life. I am not sorry f
But I need your word. I need what you promised me before. I need to get the hell off this island.
What if I told you that you could have complete freedom and money to find out?
But if for some reason he's too daft to see how brilliant you are it's not the end of the world.
Well, sure, like the steal-the-kid-off-the-raft project. That was a humdinger.
The Grand Canyon will still be there when I get back, little dude.
I remember you. I remember your face.
Well it’s certainly not as infallible as the magical carvings on your stick.
No! They're here because they want to be here! Some of them are just not ready to make a full... commitment yet.
Crime scene? There a forensics hatch I don't know about?
Oh if you don't believe me, you can always pull my other shoulder out of its socket.
That, is orange juice, with a considerable amount of tranquilizer mixed in.
This is future crap isn't it?
She's speaking Italian. She said she's dying, she needs help.
If he pulled the old murder suicide then I'm sure he's down here somewhere. Er, maybe you could take this up with him...
We were hiking. She went into labor and she wasn't due yet. She's bleeding.
So tomorrow night we stop hiding, we stop running, we stop living in fear of them, because when they show up, we're gonna blow 'em all to hell.
Why would I go to the funeral?
So you'd better make sure you treat him real good when we get back.
QuoteWho Said It
I get paid in advance. Two hundred, cash only.
I’m a headhunter. A corporate recruiter. What do you do?
You just totally Scooby-Dood me, didn't you.
Why are you flying directly into the thunderhead?
We're trying to disable it before he can use it against us!
Sorry, we had a little problem in the kitchen. Just stay put, alright?
The rules of desertion... still apply to everyone.
How long did you guys debate amongst yourselves whether or not to ask me why the phone rang?
And in case you haven't noticed, we're not on the bloody boat, are we?
Which of these things belong to you already?
They're going to the Orchid. They're using the secondary protocol.
You know, when you came back, I was waiting for one of you to come see me, but... nobody did.
It took him, like, 20 years to find this place the first time. I'll start holding my breath now.
There's no calling my father off.
You know what? You're right. I'm--I'm sorry. It's just... you look so much like... someone I used to know.
Ajira. It's an airline. It's based out of India, but they fly everywhere.
Just Klingon.
The DHARMA Initiative called it the Lamp Post. This is how they found the island.
How long has it been for you since... we first met, since you walked into our camp and you spoke to Richard?
I'm gone ten minutes, and you're having a hootenanny?
Uh, here we go. '77. He's, uh... he's with your friends.
We need to find out why he violated the truce.
That kid was bleeding out. You're a surgeon, and I needed you.
Jacob wanted it done. The Island chooses who the Island chooses. You know that.
Another Death Star was destroyed, Boba Fett got eaten by the Sarlacc, and we got the Ewoks.
Well, I got some bad news for you, Jack. You don't belong here at all. She was wrong.
Yes, I was here 30 years ago. And I do. I remember these people. I remember meeting them very clearly, because... I watched them all die.
It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.
Lightsticks? What the hell is that?
Maybe the dog can find water. I mean, dogs can find pot and bombs, so I'm sure they can find water.
We have 2 giant hamsters running on a massive wheel in our secret underground cave.
Hmm. I have this dream. I'm driving a bus, and my teeth start falling out. My mum is in the back, eating biscuits. Everything smells of bacon. It's weird. 'Course I don't wake up s
You taste like fish biscuits.
The toilet still works.

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