Lost - Character Deaths (spoilers ahead)

Can you name the characters who've died on Lost?

Cause of DeathCharacter
Sucked into the jet turbine
Dragged from the cockpit by the smoke monster
Drowned while going for a swim in the ocean
Euthanized by Jack after being shot by Sawyer when he wouldn't just die from his plane injuries
Alcohol poisoning in Australia
Neck broken by Ethan Rom
Shot by Sawyer in Australia
Shot by Charlie Pace
From injuries sustained after falling in a plane from a cliff
Exploded while handling dynamite
Killed in car wreck during Kate's run from the cops at the hopsital
Shot accidentally by Ana Lucia Cortez
From infection after breaking his leg
Neck broken by Goodwin Stanhope
Skewered by Ana Lucia Cortez
Shot for revenge by Ana Lucia Cortez
Blown up by Kate Austen
Shot by troops on a Nigerian air strip
Complications from a spinal tumor
Killed by the Others after landing in a hot air balloon
Shot in the stomach by Michael Dawson
Shot in the chest by Michael Dawson and later died of injuries
Head smashed on a rock by Desmond Hume
Shot by Sun Kwon on a boat
Savaged by the smokey monster by the Pearl station
Shot by Juliet Burke on Hydra island
Cause of DeathCharacter
Hit by a bus
Hit by a meteor at the chicken shack
Asked Mikhail to shoot her
Presumably killed by Anthony Cooper under unknown circumstances
Buried alive (girl)
Buried alive (guy)
Died during island childbirth problems
Strangled by Sawyer in the brig of the Black Rock
Gassed by his son Benjamin Linus
Head of the DI, gassed during the purge
DI teacher, presumably gassed during the purge
Shot by Mikhail, died instantly
Shot by Mikhail, died after giving the code
Blew himself up with a grenede underwater
Drowned after grenede blast in the Looking Glass station
Hit by Hurley in a Dharma bus
Killed in beach raid (used to guard Room 23)
Killed in beach raid (was marshal for the Others)
Killed in beach raid (redshirt of the Others)
Neck snapped by Sayid during beach raid
Shot by Jin during beach raid
Shot by Jin during beach raid
Shot by Sawyer after surrendering
Locke threw a knife in her back
Shot by Sayid in the Seychelles
Shot by Sayid in Germany
Cause of DeathCharacter
Died after running a maze of a brain aneurysm
Died of a brain aneurysm on the Kahana
Died during childbirth on island
Jumped off the Kahana with chains attached to her
Shot by Keamy's men before being buried in the jungle (male)
Shot by Keamy's men before being buried in the jungle (female)
Shot by Keamy in the barracks in front of her father
Savaged by the smoke monster in the barracks
Throat slit by Keamy on the Kahana
Blown up by the Others near the helicopter
Shot by Richard, then stabbed to death by Ben
Blown up on the Kahana while standing next to the bomb
Shot by a flaming arrow
Arm ripped of by smoke monster then pulled under the temple
Killed by monster from french science team
Possessed by smoke monster then shot by Danielle
Died of brain aneurysm on the island during time flashes
Died of brain aneurysm under unknown circumstances and buried in LA
Strangled by Benjamin Linus and then made to look like a suicide
Killed by the Others before Sawyer & co arrived at the DI
Tooth filling was pulled into his head by electromagnetic energy
Shot by his own mother in the back
Skewered at the Swan construction site
Died from injuries after falling down the Swan hole
Stabbed by Ben Linus then pushed in the fire by fake Locke
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