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Occupation/HintCharacterGroup/Character Centric
Spinal Surgeon815 Survivor
Fugitive815 Survivor
Chicken Shack/Box Company Owner/Millionaire815 Survivor
Con Man815 Survivor
Box Company Employee815 Survivor
Chef/Soldier in Republican Guard815 Survivor
Employee of PAIK Heavy Industries815 Survivor
Chief Stockholder of PAIK Heavy Industries815 Survivor
Employee of Fish & Fry/Jewelry Store815 Survivor
Bass Player for Drive Shaft815 Survivor
Former Leader of the Others/Adviser to Guardian of the IslandOthers
Child (Toddler)Oceanic 6
Artist/Engineer815 Survivor
Fertility DoctorOthers
Dog815 Survivor
Former Monk/Soldier in Royal Scots RegimentSwan Station
Student (child/teenager)815 Survivor
Ballet Instructor/Babysitter815 Survivor
Paranormal InvestigatorFreighter Team
Lifeguard/COO of Wedding Clothing Subsidiary815 Survivor
Security SystemIsland Inhabitant
ScientistFrench Science Team
Worked in the fieldsOthers
Dentist's Wife815 Survivor
Dentist815 Survivor
PilotFreighter Team
PhysicistFreighter Team
Drug Lord/Priest815 Survivor
Cop/Airport Security815 Survivor
Steals Boys off RaftsOthers
Teenage OtherOthers
Often Confused with a dead Redshirt815 Survivor
Clinical Psychologist815 Survivor
AnthropologistFreighter Team
Former Chief of Surgery at St. SebastianJack/Sawyer/Ana Lucia/Claire Centric
Former leader of Others/CEO of large corporationOthers
DHARMA video host/scientistDharma Initiative
Surgeon for the OthersOthers
Flight Attendant815 Survivor
Bounty Hunter/Worked for JacobAjira 316er
Helped Organize the Freighter TeamFreighter Team
Owns the boat The SearcherDesmond Centric
Often Confused with a live (at the time) Redshirt815 Survivor
Federal Marshal815 Survivor
MercenaryFreighter Team
Teenage OtherOthers
DHARMA SecurityDharma Initiative
Jr High Science Teacher815 Survivor
Others Communications OfficerOthers
Former Leader of Others/TimecopOthers
TV Actress815 Survivor
Personal Chef815 Survivor
Others - Shot by JulietOthers
DHARMA LeaderDharma Initiative
Worked for JacobAjira 316er
DHARMA Scientist/Creator of Swan StationDharma Initiative
DHARMA WorkmanDharma Initiative
MercenaryFreighter Team
Defected to Others (child)815 Survivor
Defected to Others (child)815 Survivor
Lab Tech/Member of Iraqi Insurgent GroupSayid/Charlie/Locke Centric
Guardian of the IslandIsland Inhabitant
Con ManLocke Centric
WaitressKate/Sawyer Centric
Ex-wife of Spinal SurgeonJack Centric
Mother of MillionaireHurley Centric
Box Company/Chicken Shack EmployeeHurley/Locke Centric
Works at Tempest for the OthersOthers
Kahana Communications OfficerFreighter Team
Head of the TempleOthers
Temple TranslatorOthers
Con WomanSawyer/Kate Centric
Lead Singer of Drive ShaftCharlie Centric
Worker on the KahanaFreighter Team
CEO of an automotive companySun/Jin Centric
Sort-of Leader of the Ajira SurvivorsAjira 316er
Works for Widmore/Gets people where they need to beTeam Widmore
Wife of CEO of automotive companySun/Jin Centric
Kahana DoctorFreighter Team
Mother/Coma PatientClaire/Kate Centric
PriestEko Centric
Ran over by Hurley in the vanOthers
Owns a frozen yogurt company815 Survivor
Makes browniesDharma Initiative
Mercenary (Ripped apart by the monster)Freighter Team
Hypochondriac815 Survivor
Drowning Victim815 Survivor
Author of Bad Twin/Sucked into jet turbine815 Survivor
FarmerKate Centric
Mother of Spinal SurgeonJack Centric
Loan SharkSawyer Centric
Target of ConSawyer Centric
Officer in Republican GuardSayid Centric
Artist/FatherClaire Centric
PsychicClaire/Eko Centric
Daughter of PsychicEko Centric
Bank RobberKate Centric
Bank ManagerKate Centric
Con ManBoone Centric
Lawyer/MotherMichael/Walt Centric
Lawyer/StepfatherMichael/Walt Centric
Owns Copy Machine CompanyCharlie Centric
Daughter of owner of Copy Machine CompanyCharlie Centric
Drug DealerCharlie Centric
Owns Shrimp TruckSawyer Centric
Con ManSawyer Centric
Mental Patient/Listening Post OfficerHurley Centric
Wife of Listening Post OfficerHurley Centric
Listening Post OfficerHurley Centric
GrandfatherHurley Centric
Occupation/HintCharacterGroup/Character Centric
BrotherHurley Centric
Ex-wife of BrotherHurley Centric
Mental Patient/MotherLocke Centric
Best ManJack Centric
Member of Terrorist CellSayid Centric
DoctorKate Centric
Mother/GrandmotherMichael Centric
Girlfriend/Member of Anger Management Support GroupLocke Centric
Chicken Shack EmployeeHurley Centric
Music Store EmployeeHurley Centric
Son of Hotel Owner/English TeacherSun/Jin Centric
Owner of Wedding CompanyShannon Centric
Husband of Wedding Company Owner/FatherShannon Centric
Died of Infection from Tail Section815 Survivor
Neck broken by Goodwin815 Survivor
Police Captain/MotherAna Lucia Centric
CopAna Lucia Centric
CriminalAna Lucia Centric
Father/JerkKate Centric
Stepfather/US Army OfficerKate Centric
PatientJack Centric
Daughter of PatientJack Centric
Mother of Rock GodCharlie Centric
Butcher/Father of Rock GodCharlie Centric
Liam's WifeCharlie Centric
Sawyer's MotherSawyer Centric
Con ManSawyer Centric
Officer in Republican GuardSayid Centric
US Army Officer/DHARMA Button PusherSwan Station/Sayid & Desmond Centric
Fertility DoctorSun/Jin Centric
Island BalloonistLanded on the Island
CriminalLocke Centric
Mental Patient/Ghost or Figment?Hurley Centric
PsychiatristHurley Centric
HealerRose/Bernard Centric
AuntClaire/Ana Lucia Centric
Others/Shot by MikhailOthers
Penny's Listening PostPenny Centric
Penny's Listening PostPenny Centric
Others Book ClubOthers
Others Book ClubOthers
Others - Shot by SunOthers
CopLocke Centric
Pot FarmerLocke Centric
Pot FarmerLocke Centric
Sawyer's DaughterSawyer/Kate Centric
PrisonerSawyer Centric
Prison WardenSawyer Centric
Cop/HusbandKate Centric
Mother in LawKate Centric
Boss at Research Lab/Ex-HusbandJuliet Centric
Sister/Cancer PatientJuliet Centric
Others Room 23 GuardOthers
Physicist/TeacherDesmond Centric
Tattoo ArtistJack Centric
Others' SheriffOthers
News ReporterHurley Centric
Father of MillionaireHurley Centric
Psychic/Worked at Temp Agency in SidewaysHurley Centric
Restaurant OwnerSayid Centric
Wife of Restaurant Owner/Torture VictimSayid Centric
Son of woman being connedLocke Centric
Star Wars/Expose ActorNikki/Paulo Centric
Expose ProducerNikki/Paulo Centric
Rachel's son/Juliet's nephewJuliet Centric
Desmond's Ex FianceeDesmond Centric
MonkDesmond Centric
ProstituteSun/Jin Centric
Ben's MotherBen Centric
DHARMA TeacherBen Centric/DHARMA
Others Looking Glass GuardOthers
Others Looking Glass GuardOthers
Doctor at St. SebastianJack Centric
Worked for the EconomistSayid Centric
Worked for WidmoreSayid Centric
Others TherapistOthers
Sun & Jin's DaughterSun Centric
Tom's LoverMichael Centric
Worked for WidmoreBen Centric
Locke's GrandmotherLocke Centric
Locke's Foster MotherLocke Centric
Locke's TeacherLocke Centric
Ben's LawyerOthers
Miles' MotherMiles Centric
Faraday's GirlfriendDesmond/Faraday Centric
Desmond's sonDesmond Centric
Killed by DanielleFrench Science Team
Killed by DanielleFrench Science Team
Arm ripped off by monsterFrench Science Team
Danielle's boyfriendFrench Science Team
Killed by monsterFrench Science Team
Sayid's FatherSayid Centric
Sayid's BrotherSayid Centric
DHARMA InterrogatorDharma
Jack's Son in SidewaysJack Centric
Ben's Principal in SidewaysBen Centric
Richard's WifeRichard Centric
GeophysicistWidmore's Sub Team
Works for WidmoreWidmore's Sub Team
Guardian of the IslandIsland Inhabitant
Pregant Woman floats to islandJacob Centric
Pilot815 Survivor
Wife of DHARMA LeaderDharma
Former Husband of wife of DHARMA LeaderDharma
Financial Backer of DHARMADharma
Creator of DHARMADharma
Creator of DHARMADharma

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