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Can you name the Books that have appeared in Lost?

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AuthorBookUse in show
Susan IsaacsSwan bookshelf
Lewis CarrollJack reads it to Aaron
Judy BlumeSawyer reads it
Laurence Shames (as Gary Troup)Hurley & Sawyer read it, Jack burns it
Catherine CooksonJack's bookshelf
ManuPart of Richard's test to young Locke
Stephen HawkingAldo reads it by Room 23
Fyodor DostoevskyLocke gives it to Ben to read in the Swan
Idries ShahBen's bookshelf
Stephen KingJuliet's favorite book
Joseph HellerNaomi has a Portuguese copy of it
Homer HickamDharma classroom bookshelf
Tami HoagJack's bookshelf
Stephen KingBen's desk
Stuart WoodsSwan bookshelf & Jack's bookshelf
David EddingsJack's bookshelf
John SandfordJack's bookshelf
Catherine CoulterJack's bookshelf
Flannery O'ConnorJacob reads it as Locke falls
Agatha ChristieSawyer reads it
Ray BradburyBen's bookshelf
AuthorBookUse in show
Daniel KeyesBen's bookshelf
Ayn RandSawyer reads it
Tom BrokawJack's bookshelf
J.K. RowlingJack's bookshelf
Stephen KingJack's bookshelf
Gary PhillipsSwan bookshelf
Arthur HaleyBen's bookshelf
Adolfo Bioy CasaresSawyer reads it
P.L. Wilson & Nasrollah PourjavadyBen's bookshelf
Walker PercySawyer reads it
Vladimir NabakovHurley reads it
Vincent LardoJack's bookshelf
Robert DolezalOn Juliet's parent's coffee table
Mary Higgins ClarkJack's bookshelf
Mary Higgins ClarkJack's bookshelf
John LescroartIn Ben's tent
Ambrose BierceSwan bookshelf
John SteinbeckSawyer reads it in jail and quotes it to Ben and vice versa
Charles DickensThe book Desmond is saving to read just before he dies
Stephen HunterJack's bookshelf
Nancy FridayJack's bookshelf
AuthorBookUse in show
Tom ClancySwan bookshelf
Leon UrisJack's bookshelf
Rick RomerFictional book Claire reads
Alex HaleyBen's bookshelf
Dean Kenneth SimontonJack's bookshelf
Catherine CoulterJack's bookshelf
Carlos CastanedaYoung Ben brings this to Sayid
Paul BowlesBen's bookshelf
Carl HiaasenJack's bookshelf
Colin ForbesDharma classroom bookshelf
Jules VerneRegina reads it upside down
Flann O'BrienAmong Desmond's possessions in the Swan
Henry JamesJack's bookshelf
Stuart WoodsJack's bookshelf
James JoyceBen reads it on Ajira 316
Harriet Beecher StoweBen's bookshelf
Clive CusslerBen's bookshelf
Philip K. DickLocke gives this to Ben to read
Richard AdamsBelongs to Boone, but Sawyer reads it
Madeleine L'EngleSawyer reads it

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