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A retired gunslinger, saddles up again to kill the attacker of a prostitute.
Two musical women hire a slick attorney to help them get out of jail.
A lawyer in India becomes a leader of a peaceful movement.
A young man takes over his father's role as the head of a crime family.
A British soldier helps lead a rebellion in the Middle East.
A tale of circus performers and a spectacular train wreck.
The story of a middle class British family during the beginning of WWII.
Interconnecting stories at posh German resort.
A cocky young soldier leads a bomb squad in Iraq.
A man during his mid life crisis falls for his daughter's friend.
A southern white woman's friendship with her black chauffeur.
A man fights for custody of his son after his wife leaves them.
The friendship between a gigolo and a con man in 1960s Manhattan.
A Jewish prince is sold off to slavery and vows revenge.
The rise and fall of a corrupt southern politician.
A spoiled Southern belle fights for survival during the Civil War.
A vaudeville act becomes a love triangle when they join a friend's musical.
A young man who grew up in poverty gets a chance to win big on an Indian game show.
A famous playwright falls for a noble woman who wants to be an actress.
A car salesman goes on a road trip with his mentally handicapped brother.
A Vietnam vet comes home and then returns to find his friend.
Musical about an orphan who gets involved with a gang of thieves.
The friendship between a French playboy and a woman being groomed to be a courtesan.
A Danish prince must decide whether or not to act against his evil uncle.
Comedy about a woman who brings her boyfriend home to meet her dysfunctional family.
Love triangle about fighter pilots in WWI.
The lives of a sherrif, a psychopath & a hunter connect over a large sum of money.
A poor boy and a rich girl fall in love on a doomed ship.
The life of a Chinese ruler and his imprisonment.
Romantic comedy about two neurotic people in New York City.
Racial tension during a murder investigation in the South.
A British officer being held prisoner oversees the building of a bridge.
A newspaper man pretends to be Jewish for an article he's writing.
A writer fights the injustice of the Dreyfuss affair.
Two men are undercover in the Irish mafia & Boston police.
A disfigured count recalls to a caring nurse, the story of his love affair.
A young man is pitted between rival sergeants in the Vietnam War.
A down-on-his luck boxer gets a shot at the heavyweight title.
The story of Sir Thomas More's struggle with King Henry VIII.
On a bet, a wealthy man travels the globe with his plucky assistant.
Three WWII veterans return home to find their lives & families are now very different.
Biopic of a stage show producer in the 1890s.
Several interconnecting stories about racism in Los Angeles.
Biopic of Scottish freedom fighter in the 13th century.
In Kenya, a Danish baroness falls in love with a hunter.
A misfit riles up his fellow patients at a mental asylum.
A nun becomes the teacher of a wealthy man's children.
A lonely man who lives with his mother, falls in love with a lonely woman.
An alcoholic fights to get sober.
Adventure about the revolt against Captain Bligh.
A female boxer is trained by a grouchy cutman.
A slow-witted man finds himself in important moments in American history.
A composer is insanely jealous of the young Mozart.
Sequel about a crime family in two different time periods.
Musical about a professor who takes a bet that he can train a flower girl to be a society girl.
An ex-boxer becomes involved with Union bosses.
A musical priest connects with a group of kids.
A journalist falls for the society girl, he's following.
Last film in the saga about hobbits and wizards.
A german business man saves the lives of Jews during WWII.
A mother and daughter bond during a family crisis.
A conman and a card shark team up in 1930s Chicago.
Comedy about a British playboy and his bawdy adventures.
Story of two military men and their loves prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor.
An American runs a club in Morocco and reunites with his old flame.
30 years in the lives of an upper-class British couple.
A mathematician deals with his mental instability.
An FBI trainee gets help from a psychopath to track a serial killer.
The story of two British runners in the 1924 Olympics.
A cop is determined to bring down a foreign drug ring.
Musical love story about racial tension in New York City.
An artist is involved with a rich woman and an engaged woman in France.
A family's struggle in a Welsh coal-mining town.
A newspaper editor settles in an Oklahoma boom town with his reluctant wife.
A Roman general is forced to fight for his life in the Coliseum.
A civil war soldier lives with the native Americans.
A family is torn apart after the death of their son.
Biopic of the WWII general whose ego becomes his downfall.
A nebbish is talked into lending his bachelor pad out to other men at his office.
A young actress ingratiates herself with an older's actress's entourage.
A woman can't get out of the shadow of her husband's late wife.
Epic about German soldiers in WWI.

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