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HintAnswerHint #2
Danny's Nickname
Lisa's Nickname
Alex's nickname(only danny says this)
Dan's Famous Phrase
4 Palmer Common Phrase #1
4 Palmer Common Phrase #2
Our favorite thing to do in 4504
I f*cked so many b*tches that...
The most annoying person on 4 Angel
The loudest laugh...
4 Angel member nickname(he's very jolly)
A mystery member down at the end of the hall(lives next to jerron)
Who invites people to his frat and then leaves you there
HintAnswerHint #2
Who can you always hear coming down the hall
Who is always singing
Who is always loud on the phone
Who has singing pajamas
Who spends the night in 4504 at least 3 times a week(cuz she loves it so much)
Who sleeps more than any human being in the world
Room number that has 3 fridges
What time does Victors close on weekdays
Our famous RA
Who doesn't have cable
What is Danny's frat's name
What frat are Matt and Dan in

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