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LetterSmosh ThingHint
A? Padilla
BIan's arch enemy
CSmosh Squad member often shipped with Shayne
DLasercorn's real name (full)
EGame Joven theorised incorrectly in Smosh Winter Games
FHow Amra Ricketts is better known
GTitle of Smosh Games' Grand Theft Auto videos
HIan /?
IIan + Lasercorn = ?
J? Ovenshire
KAnthonys wife
LetterSmosh ThingHint
LTattoo David has
MLasercorn's GTS alter ego, The ?
NOnly Smosh Squad member to star in Part Timers
OMVP at Smosh Winter Games and Smosh Summer Games Camp
PJoven's gamer tag
RFlitz's Surname
SJewish Smosh Games member
TMari ?
VVertical Take Off and Landing in GTS
WEditor for Smosh Games

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