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Can you name the Big Bang Theory Characters Who Did Each Thing??(A)my,(B)ernadette,(P)enny, (H)oward, (L)eonard, (S)heldon or (R)aj?

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Who ...Character
Married Howard?
Can Play The Theremin?
Is Lactose Intolerant?
Refers To Themselves As Brown Dynamite?
Is Played By Mayim Bialik?
Can Be Easily Be Mistaken For An Alcholic?
Is An Astronaut?
Is The Tallest Of The Group?
Is The Smallest Of The Seven?
Has Never Worked At CalTech?
Is The Only Single Character?
Has The Middle Name 'Joel'?
Is An Experimental Physicist?
Is Serenaded By Barry, Burt and Stuart?
Had A Girlfriend Who Defected To North Korea?
Wears Turtle Necks?
Wanted To Make Herself Taller With Science?
Dated Two Girls At Once?
Ignores Her Check Engine Light?
Loves The Flash?
Bonded With Howard Over Neil Diamond?
Has Rich Parents?
Blew Up The Elevator?
Is Referred To By Amy As A Wildebeest?
Is Amy's Best Friend?
Who ...Character
Is A Theoretical Physicist?
Has A Dad Who Left When They Were Young?
Accepted A Proposal In Season 11?
Was Unable To Experience Many Childhood Pleasures?
Has A Father called Wyatt?
Held A Meeting With His Exes To See Why He Was Unappealing?
Gave Penny A Lap Dance?
Got His Penis Stuck In A Metal Arm?
Can Be Very Frightening?
Dispises Leslie Winkle?
Lived In 4b Before Changing To 4A In Season 10?
Slept With Penny At The End Of Season 4?
Had An Unhealthy Attachment To Their Mother?
Has A PHD In Microbiology?
Uses The Catchphrase Bazinga?
Has No Sense Of Style?
Had His Wedding Broadcast On The Internet?
Doesn't Have A Doctorate?
Is Having A Second Child In Season 11?
Names Science As One Of Their Friends?
Considered Moving To India To Be With A Love Interest?
Doesn't Have Any Siblings?
Is A Sales Rep?
Is Indian?

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