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How many years had Danielle's message been playing?
Locke used to be in a...?
Who was responsible for the crash of Oceanic flight 815?
How many Islands are there?
Who is danielles daughter?
Who/What took the form of Christian Shephard on the Island?
What did the numbers represnt?
Why did the Freighter People come to the Island?
What is Jacob's Job?
What was the Flash-sideways?
How was the Statue destroyed?
What are the Whispers?
Who was sawyer going to propose to?
Who were the two first castaways to discover the Pearl Station?
What was special about Richard Alpert?
Who is Jeremy Bentham?
Which of the oceanic six didn’t Jacob touch off the island?
Which survivors brother crashed on the island, named Yemi?
Which main character died in the Looking glass station?
The orchid station was used for...?
What was the name of the plane that brought the oceanic 6 back to the island?
Who used to be the leader of the others before Benjamin Linus?
Desmond has a unique resistance to...?
Who were the Adam and Eve Bodies?
What three characters died in the submarine in the candidate?
Who is Daniel Faradays mother and father?
Who is Miles's Dad?
The Barracks/Dharmaville was taken over by who?
Who is Locke's Father?
What was the end Image of LOST?
Which other castaway attended the same mental institute as Hurley?
Who killed Alex Rousseau’s Father?
Which character did locke see in season 3 while almost attempting to kill himself in a ditch?
What was the name of the female survivor from the tail section who later became one of the others?
Who called Charlie a hero?
Which other wore an eye patch?
Who was a ballet instructor?
Which animal were the fish biscuits intended for?
Who killed Alex Rousseau?

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