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Can you name the Shrek Characters?

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Just like an onion
The 'noble steed'
Fire-breathing monster
Feline companion
Talking biscuit
'Pigs in a blanket' 'Sausage roll' 'He huffed und he puffed und he signed an eviction notice'
Cross-dressing animal
Little wooden boy who tells lies
Short-sighted rodents
Frog-king of Far Far Away
Queen of Far Far Away
'Happiness is just a teardrop away'
Arrogant prince
The heir to Far Far Away
'Will it be bachelorette number 1, bachelorette number 2, or bachelorette number 3?'
Lives with seven little men
Princess with very long hair
Very sleepy princess
Wanted to go to the ball
Deluded wizard
Dimwitted servant of Lord Farquad
Short guy who rules Duloc
Donkey's babies
Shrek's babies
Evil Wish Granter
Fairy Godmother's Chauffeur
One-handed Piano Player
One-eyed father 'showing off for the little one'
Giant Gingerbreadman
He lives on Drury Lane
The ugly stepsister first seen in second movie
The ugly stepsister first seen in third movie
Musical Assassin
Celebrity Judge on Far Far Away Idol

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