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I know nothing of any Kairi, as for Riku perhaps you should ask your king
That we won't and we'll engrave it on your tombstones to be sure
Now the whole town and their mothers are treating us like the klepto club
Friends, they look out for each other that's all
This is great, everyone's together again
Through there, you'll find three good fairies. If you ask, they'll create for you appropriate garments
Why does looking at you always tick me off?
As soon as the trouble started I made sure to seal this room
For your light? Don't lose sight of it.
It looks like I'm the only one who made it to this castle
Why not just de-rez Tron?
Now Sora, let's close this door for good!
Looks my Summer Vacation is... Over
Zola! Some assistance
Help! The Sandlot! It's Seifer! Somebody help us!
What should I leave behind? Belle? Or the Rose?
So many worlds I wanna see I know I'll get there someday
Will the intrusions never end?
I surrender the chest with my humblest apologies
Because he missed the trip to the beach
They're all bilge rats by the look of them
I told them they were sending the wrong guy
Have you seen a guy with spiky hair?
What a romantic story
Let's just quit this charade and go home girl
I'll alert the guards and everyone in the palace
We may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other
What do you mean junior heroes?
Maybe they really did finish her off
Hey Sora, you feeling lucky today?
Hey what's happening, mon
Where? In cold storage?
All words begin in darkness and all so end, the heart is no different
And why is this roly poly red guy here?
Something written into my code commands me to do what is right
I may not know it's you, and you may not know it's me. But we will meet again
I was so looking forward to destroying that wretched Christmas Town
Well, whatever the case, they've been quite naughty. Catch them and bring them back here. They're going to get a lecture
This is my story, and you're not part of it
Mr. Clayton, we're studying them, not hunting them. This is research
But the boy is a problem, he found one of the keyholes
It's my lucky charm be sure to bring it back to me
Be a good boy now
Seifer's not feeling so hot y'know
You and I have something in common Kairi, we both miss someone we care about
He's not the Simba I remember. Something about Hakuna Matata
I know it's an important mission, but you could at least check in every once in a while
This is my castle. Xaldin will never be welcome here
You and that dog came flying out of a hole in the wall. You nearly gave us heart attacks!
Oh! I thought it was you. Right on time!
Or are you too cool to play now that you have the keyblade?
I had a feeling I'd see you guys again
I get bumped on the head all the time
Wow, I hope he gets it

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