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Chapter 1 : The Riddle House - 'What was the name of the muggle caretaker killed by Lord Voldemort?'
Chapter 2 : The Scar - 'Who did Harry write a letter to, to inform them that his scar hurt that morning?'
Chapter 3 : The Invitation - 'The letter Harry recieved from Molly was covered in what?'
Chapter 4 : Back To The Burrow - 'What did Mr Weasley tell Mr Dursley he collected?
Chapter 5 : Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes - 'What kind of sweet did Fred 'accidentally' drop for Dudley to eat?'
Chapter 6 : The Portkey - 'Whereabouts did Harry and the rest take the Portkey from?'
Chapter 7 : Bagman And Crouch - 'By what name did Mr Crouch keep calling Percy?'
Chapter 8 : The Quidditch World Cup - 'Who was saving Mr Crouch a seat?'
Chapter 9 : The Dark Mark - 'What is the incantation for the Dark Mark?'
Chapter 10 : Mayhem At The Ministry - 'What colour were Harry's dress robes?'
Chapter 11 : Aboard The Hogwarts Express - 'What school did Lucius Malfoy consider sending Draco to?'
Chapter 12 : The Triwizard Tournament - 'What age did students have to be, in order to enter The Triwizard Tournament?'
Chapter 13 : Mad-Eye Moody - 'What did Mad-Eye turn Draco into?'
Chapter 14 : The Unforgivable Curses - 'What incantation did Moody say to make the spider bigger?'
Chapter 15 : Beauxbatons And Durmstrang - 'What did Madam Maxime's horses only drink?'
Chapter 16 : The Goblet Of Fire - 'What colour did the flames go, once it shot a piece of parchment out of it?'
Chapter 17 : The Four Champions - 'What did Fleur call Harry that angered him?'
Chapter 18 : The Weighing Of The Wands - 'Where did Rita Skeeter interview Harry?'
Chapter 19 : The Hungarian Horntail - 'Who showed Harry the dragons in the forest?'
Chapter 20 : The First Task - 'What kind of dragon did Viktor Krum battle?'
Chapter 21 : The House-Elf Liberation Front - 'What did you have to tickle in order to gain access to the kitchens?
Chapter 22 : The Unexpected Task - 'Who did Harry invite to the Yule Ball?'
Chapter 23 : The Yule Ball - 'What was the name of the band that performed at The Yule Ball?'
Chapter 24 : Rita Skeeter's Scoop - 'Who was the substitute Care of Magical Creatures teacher?'
Chapter 25 : The Egg And The Eye - 'Who watch Harry take a bath?'
Chapter 26 : The Second Task - 'What colour are unicorn foals?'
Chapter 27 : Padfoot Returns - 'What nickname did Sirius give himself, for Harry, Ron & Hermione to call him when talking amongst themselves?'
Chapter 28 : The Madness Of Mr. Crouch - ''Where did Harry & Krum find Mr Crouch wandering about out of his mind?'
Chapter 29 : The Dream - 'In which class did Harry fall asleep, and have his dream?'
Chapter 30 : The Pensieve - 'Who did Harry see in the pensieve giving up the names of other Death Eaters?'
Chapter 31 : The Third Task - 'What creature did Harry meet in the maze, that posed him a riddle?'
Chapter 32 : Flesh, Blood, And Bone - 'Finish Lord Voldemort's command to Wormtail - 'Kill the _____'
Chapter 33 : The Death Eaters - 'How many years had it been since Lord Voldemort had last seen his Death Eaters?'
Chapter 34 : Priori Incantatem - 'Who was the last person to emerge from the tip of Lord Voldemorts wand?'
Chapter 35 : Veritaserum - 'What did Barty Crouch jnr transfigure his dead fathers body into?
Chapter 36 : The Parting Of The Ways - 'Who did Fudge give Barty Crouch jnr to?
Chapter 37 : The Beginning - 'What could Rita Skeeter transform herself into?'

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