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Can you name the different Mardi Gras things by the given clues?

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What 'Mardi Gras' really means
City in which the very first Mardi Gras was celebrated
Year in which the very first Mardi Gras was celebrated in
City where today, has the most popular Mardi Gras celebration
Roman festival that Mardi Gras originated from
Incorrectly spelled word usually used before the name of a parade
The most popular 'throw' (item thrown off a float) that consists of little round, colorful balls that are strung together like a neclace and are usually decorated
Another type of 'throw'; this one being a small coin about the size of a washer; these coins usually have imprints and are quite colorful
A rolling, rectangular-sized Mardi Gras vehicle that carries riders and is usually pulled by a tractor
The main man of a Mardi Gras Parade
The leading lady of a Mardi Gras Parade
One of the main parades on Mardi Gras day in New Orleans. This parade is also known as the 'King of Carnival'
The other main parade on Mardi Gras day in New Orleans. This parade is of the African American Traditions.
The day before Mardi Gras (French)
Men used to carry these in parades before they had electricity; they would use them to light up the way for the parade. They sometimes still appear in parades today
An oval-shaped, cinamon pastry that is used in honor of King's Day; inside every pastry, there is a small, plastic baby.
First Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans
What you are supposed to say in order to get something thrown to you from a float
What some people choose to wear on Mardi Gras day
What most parades are named after
The Famous New Orleans dance where everyone gets in a line and waves a napkin, cloth, etc.

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