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*** Singular form of the hockey team the Maple ___ or the symbol on the Canadian flag***
A heavy metal
To put a large amount on a vehicle
A medieval noble
*** Former mayor Rob ___ ***
Golfer's warning
Old time way to say before
*** Toronto's old name ***
Meat from a pig
*** Scarborough Bluffs is a __ in Toronto ***
A piece of a large object
Bump on a witch's nose
Author and US Attorney General William ___
When a plant droops and dies
*** SNL comedian and actor ___ Arnett ***
*** Toronto neighborhood, Forest ___ ***
*** Toronto is home to the Hockey ___ of Fame ***
Round object you play with
***1987 AL MVP, George ___ ***
Holds your pants up
Disney movie about a superhero dog
What a cowboy wears on his foot
An ink smudge
German word for 'blood'
*** MLB team, Toronto ___ Jays ***
Sticky substance
Fictional predatory monster that dwells in the dark
Opposite of false
A very tall plant
Rapper ___ Songz
*** The Argonauts have won 16 ___ Cup championships ***

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