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Can you name the four-letter words to complete the lyrical ladder for the song ''Smells Like Teen Spirit'' by Nirvana?

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*** And for this ___, I feel blessed ***
To put through a sieve to weed out small particles
Opposite of hard
To organize into groups
A flock of mallards
Head of a medieval manor
*** Oh no I know, a dirty ___ ***
Burt ___ played Robin on the Batman TV show
*** I found it ___ ***
A collection of animals
*** ___ we are now, entertain us ***
French for father
Big 80s hairstyle for big 80s hair
Raised bank of land around a river
Capital of Switzerland
*** Our little group has always ___ ***
Root plant vegetable
*** I'm worse at what I do ___ ***
'___ We Forget'
*** With the lights out, it's ___ dangerous ***
Open grassy areas
Opposite of follow
*** ___ up on guns ***
A trail to travel on from town to town
To be able to comprehend words in a book
Not fake
Spool on the fishing pole
*** I ___ stupid and contagious ***

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