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Can you name the four-letter words to complete this St. Louis word ladder?

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*** NFL team that moved from and is moving back to LA ***
Shiny wheels on a car
*** Famous St. Louis style BBQ ___ ***
What babies wear when eating
Nickname for Barbra Streisand
*** Drinking establishments serving Budweisers ***
Farm building
To repair a sock
An object you'd see flying around a bar
Nintendo Game Series 'Mario ___ '
*** Super Bowl XXXIV MVP for the Rams ___ Warner ***
Cause physical pain or injury
To throw a ball or slang for vomit
*** Blues Hall of Famer Brett ___ ***
Bruce Banner is the Incredible ___
How items are sold at Sam's Club
A pitching no-no
'Dark Knight' actor Christian ___
High wind speed over 32 mph or Dorothy's last name
*** The ___way Arch ***
A spouse
A female horse
*** Cardinals slugger ___ McGwire ***
*** Forest ___ ***
A dividing line in the hair
A trade center or market
A grain used in distilling liquor or a type of milkshake
To go from a solid to a liquid
*** Film: '___ Me in St. Louis' ***
Veggie used in borscht
*** What Anhauser Busch makes ***
A prophet
To quickly cook the outside of a steak with intense heat
A body of gas in space that gives off light
*** Cardinals legendary Hall of Famer __ Musial ***

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