Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: School's Almost Over!!!

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Can you name the four-letter words to complete this word ladder about the end of the school year?

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*** A measurement teachers use to grade their students ***
*** Get plenty of this before you take the first and final clues ***
Oxidized metal
*** Don't ___ through it. Take your time and read each question. ***
Itchy, red skin inflamation
*** Once you pass, you can throw one of these ***
Composer Johann Sebastian ___
*** If you fail, you'll be held ___ ***
*** Don't stress and ___ your brain ***
Bob Seger song 'Like a ___ '
A strong, dark type of beer
*** Most of your material should be in your text___ ***
A chef
Where chickens live
What a farmer grows
*** 'When will I ever need to know this ___!' ***
*** Studying too hard the night before ***
A bivalve popular in chowder form
Former Broncos kicker Jason ___
*** An end of course example of the first clue ***

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