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Can you name the four-letter words to complete this San Diego word ladder?

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*** US military branch with a large military base in San Diego ***
Hair type that is not curly or straight
*** Catch a ___ at Dog Beach ***
*** Padres Hall of Famer ___ Winfield ***
*** SCUBA ___ at the Cove ***
To eat a meal
To be finished
A musical note or pitch
*** Padres Hall of Famer ___ Gwynn ***
A shade of a color
To cheat in pinball
Deposits left behind by a flooding river
Soft, shimmery fabric
*** Doctor who found the cure for polio ***
Pitching no-no
Sound a dog makes
*** Belmont ___ ***
A benefit at a job
Top or apex
Hardwood used in furniture
A scholarship program
*** Famous Chargers draft pick bust, Ryan ___ ***
Private jet company
Opposite of front
Actually existing
*** See this marine mammal at Sea World ***
*** Chargers Hall of Fame linebacker Junior ___ ***
A girl's special man
*** You can see types of this animal, like polar or panda, at the San Diego Zoo ***
Michael Jackson's song '___ It'
Opposite of worst
Where a bird lays her eggs
Famous political cartoonist Thomas ___
What you wear when you break a bone
'Don't put the ___ before the horse'
Old fashioned term for deer
'___! the Herald Angels Sing'
*** World champion skateboarder Tony ___ ***

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