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Can you name the four-letter words to complete this Minneapolis word ladder?

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*** 1991 World Series MVP, ___ Morris ***
'The Shield' actor Michael ___
Pepper spray brand
Rapper who sings 'Feels So Good'
A Catholic ceremony for receiving Holy Communion
*** Vikings All-Pro WR, Randy ___ ***
Sounds cows make
Sounds doves and babies make
Shortened term for an American mammal with striped tail
*** Oscar winning directors, the ___ Brothers ***
The command seat on a naval vessel or on Star Trek
*** City gangster Kidd ___ ***
Abel's brother
*** Prince's album and movie 'Purple ___' ***
*** What the METRO trains ride along ***
A bucket
*** Capital city across the river, St. ___ ***
Sci-fi writer___ Anderson
Having a disgusting smell or taste
A baby horse
White frothy stuff in the ocean or in a beer mug
Company known for making oil filters
*** Viking's Hall of Fame quarterback, ___ Tarkenton ***
*** General Mills made a lot of cereals with ___ in it ***
Plural of women's lingerie
A Jewish ceremony of circumcision
*** Vikings Hall of Fame WR, ___ Carter ***
Flammable compound that forms a corrosive solution in water
Pronoun used to identify a specific object
Opposite of fat
*** Singular of baseball team or nickname, the ___ Cities ***

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