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QUIZ: Can you name the four-letter words to complete the lyrical word ladder for the song 'Jane Says' by Jane's Addiction

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*** ___ says ***
Dog Breed: Great ___
*** I'm ___ with Sergio ***
*** Says I ___ owe him nothing, ***
Contraction of 'will not'
*** I only know they ___ me***
Mickey's creator, ___ Disney
*** She ___ up on St. Andrews ***
Pitcher's no-no
*** But if he comes ___ again ***
To be without
Frilly material for doilies or lingerie
*** He treats me ___ a ragdoll ***
Earthen dams to hold back water
To jump into a pool
Opposite of die
*** I've never been in ___ ***
Suburb of Brighton, England
*** ___ you seen my wig around? ***
Rabbit cousin
*** She don't mean no ___ ***

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