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Can you name the four-letter words to complete the lyrical word ladder for the song 'Intergalactic' by the Beastie Boys

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*** You've got ___ you've got guile ***
What fish breathe with
None or not at all
*** From the Hudson River out to the ___ ***
Company with swoosh logo
*** Beastie Boy rapper, ___ D ***
Steinbeck novel: 'Of ___ and Men'
Rolling Stones lead singer ___ Jagger
Shortened version of Nicholas
*** Like a pinch on the ___ of Mr. Spock ***
Outdoor patio or level of a ship
Where a boat is tied up
*** I'm a lumber jack DJ Ad ___ **
Where you hang your coat
To prepare for a trip
A single step taken when walking or running
A maneuver with the cape in bullfighting
Safe places to be in baseball
To hit hard
Slang term for money
*** ___ you off into exile ***
A price of something
An outer garment worn over cloathing
Transportation used on water
Snotty child
Someone from the UK
A ternary digit
A vacation
To shed a small amount of liquid
*** mmmmmmm....____ ***
*** Tammy D getting biz on the ___ ***
Horses' feet go 'clip-___'
*** Also known for the Flintstone ___ ***
How a bird moves its wing
Not hilly
An accomplishment
*** Beastie Boys known to let the ___ ***
A grizzly or panda
Burn with intense heat when cooking
The Sun is an example of one
*** I'll ___ fry you in my wok ***

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