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Can you name the four-letter words to complete this Los Angeles word ladder?

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*** La Brea Tar ___ ***
___ and Needles
Table tennis is also called ___-Pong
*** Singular form of LA's hockey team ***
Where the water backs up in a hose
*** ___ Gisbon hit a famous home run to win Game 1 of the 1988 World Series ***
Language found on Papua New Guinea
Former currency of Italy
Legends and tales of long ago
One of the four hemispheres of the brain
*** LA Lakers star ___ Bryant ***
DC Teen Titan ___ Weathers
An actor's part in a play
'The Eternal City'
Computer programs
*** The returning NFL team ***
An inclined plane
*** Summer vacation spots, like Cali ___ ***
Past tense of come
Slang for not cool or dorky
'Right down Santa Claus ___'
*** 'I'm going to Disney___!' ***
Rubber ___
*** The ___ of America Center is the 5th tallest building in LA ***
Sir Mix-A-Lot's hit song, 'Baby Got ___'
*** Musical artist who sings 'Loser' and 'Where It's At' ***
Southern department store chain
The Liberty ___
The flowering part of a cotton plant
*** The Hollywood ___ '
You put these on Christmas gifts or in little girls' hair
Your superior at work
*** Owner of the Lakers, Jerry ___ ***
*** Sometimes a Clippers' first round pick is called a Draft Day ____ ***
Opposite of worst
*** Lakers icon who is also the NBA's logo, Jerry ___ ***
A lump on the head
*** First name of the creator of Mickey Mouse ***

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