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Can you name the four-letter words to complete this Atlanta word ladder?

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*** Former all-pro Falcons QB who got in big trouble, Michael ___ ***
Slang, derogatory term for a country person
To chop
*** Braves HOFer and one time MLB Home Run King, ___ Aaron ***
Really damp, cold, and musty
Giant dog breed, Great ___
*** Two time Braves MVP in the 1980s, ___ Murphy ***
The man of the species
An additive to milkshakes
A convenience store
A type of fruity pastry dessert
*** Plantation in 'Gone With the Wind' ***
A canvas covering for a picnic
A species of fish
Abbreviated name for a business
Chicken home
*** Braves fans do the 'Tomahawk ___ during games ***
A harvest on a farm
A device used on stage in a play
Not amateurs
Slang for really close male friends
What you may hear the crowd yell during a bad speech or at a sporting event
Shortened term of books about people
A river in Switzerland
*** The Falcons used to dance the 'Dirty ___ ***
A medieval poet
To be uncovered or naked
To peel the skin off of fruit
Goose liver delicacy
*** Hawks legendary HOFer 'Pistol' ___ Marovich ***

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