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Can you name the four-letter words to complete this word ladder about famous Supreme Court Cases?

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*** ___ v. New London, a case about eminent domain ***
Metric term for one thousand
Scottish garb
Handle on a sword
A rise in the land, smaller than a mountain
A last testament before death
Pink Floyd's 'The ___'
Round object used in sports
Batman actor Christian ___
Past tense of bid
*** Roe v. ___, a case about the legality of abortion ***
Compresses into a small, wet bundle
Soft spots that cushion the feet of dogs and cats
Gandalf said, 'You shall not ___!'
Opposite of the future
A piece of the whole
To peel fruit
To be ghostly white, without color
A story
Opposite of short
Swiss hero William ___
To be in good health
To combine metal objects with heat
Past tense of hold
Part of your body that sits on your neck
Not alive
Paper that documents ownership
*** ___ Scott v. Sanford, a case about the legality of slavery ***

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