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Can you name the three-letter words to complete this word ladder about the Bundy family from Married With Children?

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*** Name and first letter of the last name belonging to the father ***
_ __ carte menu
Abbreviated form of the Sunshine State
Many students have to write their papers using this format
An advanced collegiate degree in business
An organization of professional bowlers
Italian actress ___ Zadora
A hog
*** The wife of the first rung ***
To grovel and plead
Where you sleep
*** The son of the first rung ***
What cows chew
A species of fish that a cape in MA is named after
You catch fish with a ___ and reel
*** The color of the hair of the wife ***
Singular form of a popular brand of canvas shoe
*** Shortened version of the daughter's name ***
'The Fresh Prince of ___ Air'
An insect who makes honey
A penalty payment
Second word that Jack's giant bellows out
To repair or mend
*** Channel that Married With Children aired ***

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