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QUIZ: Can you name the four-letter words to complete this word ladder about things you may find at the beach?

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** What some people may do in California **
The mealtime companion of the first rung
'Wait to take your ___ '
** A type of seagull **
American Presidents get four years per ___
Grass strip beside the road
Ernie's roomie
The only license plate Bart Simpson could find
** This craft may be in the water **
Outerwear, especially in colder weather
Carbon rock used for heat
Length of something, like hair or wire, curled around
Aluminum or tin ___
If you don't pass your tests, you will ___ your class
** You can make a sand castle with this **
** If you don't use sunscreen, you will be in a lot of ___ **
Abel's evil brother
The Godfather actor James ___
A large family unit
** You may find a shell of this mollusk on the beach **
Last minute studying for a test
** This pinchy crustacean could make your trip nasty **
To take forcefully
Mixture of black and white
People ___ to God for help
** You can do this on the beach or in the water **
What a knight does to a dragon
Thick piece of stone or concrete
Swedish automaker
Columbus Blue Jackets player Brandon ___
** Gritty material the beach is made of **

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