History Quiz / Mixed Word: Revolutionary Philadelphia

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Can you unscramble these people, places, and things, that are associated with the Revolutionary Philadelphia?

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Forced Order
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ClueUnscrambled Word
npediencdene lahl
ldateirocan fo pienednecned
roft flmifni
osnedc nctentoailn croegsns
jnbiaemn fkrlinan
epgyg psehinp
egegor hwianstgon
tlabte fo mganenrotw
ciatpla fo eht ocnoilse
jabnmeni rhus
ClueUnscrambled Word
ebdeintc nadorl
lveayl efrog
tshoam jfefroens
iapol smacears
breotr rismor
mocdoemro jnoh abryr
tleirby lebl
ris liwailm ohwe
ebtatl fo nbrwaiyden
byest sors

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