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A pyramid in ancient Sumeria is called: A) Ziggurat, B) Gilgamesh C) Hammurabi D)Angkor Wat
Which of the following ancient civilizations was not based along a river: A) Egypt B) Greece C)Mesopotamia D)China
What kingdom is credited with inventing writing: A) Egypt B)Indus River C)China D)Sumeria
The first form of writing is called: A)Sanskrit B)Cuneiform C)Hieroglyphics D)Gilgamesh
Which king gave us the first known written set of laws: A)Ramses II B)Sargon C)Hammurabi D)Narmer
Mesopotamia is in now in this present day country: A)Israel B)Ethiopia C)Iraq D)Iran
People lived around rivers for all of the following reasons except: A)Fertile Soil B)Invasion Route C)Irrigation D)Trade and Transportation
The river that flows through Egypt is the: A) Nile B) Tigris C) Jordan D)Indus
The area between and including the lands of Egypt and Mesopotamia is often called the: A) Fertile Crescent B) Flood Zone C)Babylonia D) Promised Land
The first great written epic story that is known is the story of: A)Noah B) Shang Ti C) Moses D)Gilgamesh
The Indus River Civilization was found mostly in present-day: A)Afghanistan B)Nepal C)India D)Pakistan
The largest cities of the Indus River Civilization were: A) Babylon and Ur B) Mohenjo Daro and Harappa C)Uruk and Babylon D)Sumer and Harappa
Cuneiform tablets were made out of: A)Stone B)Paper C)Clay D)Metal

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