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Can you name the modern countries that previously made up Gran Colombia?

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 Went by its former colonial name of New Granada until 1863. It's current capital city was the capital of Gran Colombia.
 The smallest of the South America nations that were fully part of Gran Colombia, it lost several territories to its southern neighbor.
 Only part of Gran Colombia that is in North America. Became independent in 1902.
 Soon after the founding of Gran Colombia, this modern nation kept threatening to secede and was largely responsible for its dissolution in 1831.
 Part of its terrirtory was an undefined border, claimed by Gran Colombia in the Amazon region known as Maynas.
 The part of this nation that was Gran Colombia was part of an undefined border that was partially settled with help by the US in 1899 when it was a British colony.
 While not part of Gran Colombia, it received parts of it following wars and border disputes with northern neighbors.

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