History Quiz / Mixed Word: Battle of Gettysburg

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Can you unscramble these words and phrases related to the Battle of Gettysburg?

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thewa leifd
jhno ydlerson
ehcap aohrcdr
boertr e ele
okoglni rof sheos
wiels mrsaditae
pucsl lilh
tlilte donur opt
tikspcte ehgcra
indiwfle totcs hnkcaco
gib orudn pot
yujl 6813
tgyesgrtub daesdrs
tecemrey lihl
emnsaiyr deigr
marabah cnlionl
lidves edn
jhousa werleanc mcaliharnbe
egorgr ndgoro amede
bnear dedoauylb
bej tarsut
honj robfud
samej torslenegt
naiovisn fo paniensanvyl
rntnuig topin
dinlea ksecisl

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