History Quiz / Mixed Word: Battle of Atlanta

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Can you unscramble these words and phrases related to the Battle of Atlanta?

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erecnetilo fo lnoicln
hjeops e njohosnt
giese fo lantata
honj blel odoh
hmrac ot eht aes
nibrnug fo antalta
msaje b hesrmpocn
lwliami t snhaemr
iunslidart etahr fo het hsuto
bopish laedisno lopk
ltbate fo rascea
cepaehetr kcere
zrea hcurhc
ebtatl fo tmetaira
wen phoe hchrcu
noge itwh het diwn
memsur fo 1648
tlabte fo dtaoln
nekseanw muoniatn
amyr fo het netensese

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