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Who much do you know about World War I

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At what year did WWI begin
Where did WWI start
How many soilders lost their lives due to WWI
How many people were wounded in WWI
Which three countries were part of the triple alliance
Which three countries were part of the triple entente
Who was the leader of Germany when Russia made an alliance with France
What war did the Germany fear the France was still mad about loosing
What year did WWI end
What was one of the general causes of WWI
What did Germany give Austria-Hungry if they agreed to attack Serbia
What were one of the defensive weapons used during WWI
What was one of the most important technological innovations during WWI
What word means that men were drafted into military service
What is another name for Word War I
Which two countries joined the Central Empire
Which three countries joined the Allies
What country was the first to attack another in WWI
What country did Austria attack
What country did Britin have a defence aggrement with
What country was the first to use flamethrowers
What sickness caused 1/3 of military deaths in WWI
How much money did WWI cause America in total
Who was responsible for the death of Franz Ferdinand
When did the U.S. troops fight their first battle of WWI

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