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Can you name the characters from the show Yu-Gi-Oh! based on their descriptions?

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A loyal friend with blond hair. His deck contains mainly Warrior monsters and cards that require luck.
An Egyptian woman. Keeper of the Millennium Necklace.
The young owner of a big corporation who can sometimes be a jerk. His deck contains a lot of Dragon monsters.
One of the two main characters of the show (hint: he's not an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh)
A small and arrogant duelist. His deck's theme is dinosaurs.
A magician who was rather crazy and worked for Marik. His best monster was an alternate version of the Dark Magician.
The main villain of Season One. His deck contains Toon and Shadow monsters.
A mysterious Egyptian man who wears a turban. He carries the Millennium Key and Scales.
One of the villains of Season Four, he dueled the Pharaoh with his guardian deck, and won once.
The creator of Dungeon Dice monsters. He originally suspected that Yugi had cheated in his duel against Pegasus.
A young Duel Monsters prodigy. She became a prominent character in Seasons Four and Five.
The other main character of the show. His past is a big mystery.
A dishonest thug who uses a Machine-themed deck.
A strong woman duelist. She went bad in Season Four, but saw the light after a duel with Joey.
The only female in the original circle of four friends. She duels about two times in the entire series.
Joey's sister, sought after by both Tristan and Duke. She had an eye problem for a while, but Joey paid for an operation to fix it.
A nasty little duelist who uses powerful Insect monsters in his deck.
The keeper of the Millennium Ring. No matter what he tries, the Ring always comes back to him, and the evil spirit inside of it possesses him.
A rather nondescript character who tries to impress Joey's sister. In Season Three, his body was taken by Nesbit, a member of the Big Five.
Kaiba's little brother whose role is mainly just to follow Kaiba around.

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