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Can you name the words or phrases that contain only one kind of vowel?

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A country in southern Europe, west of Turkey and east of Italy
A very informal phrase that tells someone to be quiet
A Pokémon that posesses the ability to evolve seven different ways
The capital of a large nation made of islands in Asia
Dull, without appealing aspects
A popular feathered Sesame Street character
The surname of America's 17th and 36th presidents
Rock band with hits such as Simple Man and Gimme Three Steps
The eldest son in Seth MacFarlane's popular comedy show (full name)
A group of words strung together, with a period at the end
A bitter plant or the last name of the teacher in Calvin and Hobbes
A famous English document forced on King John in 1215
Alone, or the last name of a Star Wars hero
One of the most prestigious and the oldest university in America
A popular website for viewing TV shows and movies
This word describes someone without equal
In bad taste, or feeling this means feeling poorly
An incarnation of a god in Hinduism, or a very popular James Cameron movie
One of the rivers that defines Mesopotamia
To recollect
A US state where Martin Luther King Jr. was famously arrested
Varities of this include stag, hercules, and bombardier
A couple of hours after noon or midnight
Not harmed
A section of the SAT that involves the essay
An animal whose name starts with 'aa' and who is the subject of a PBS show
The last name of Harry Potter's Neville
A natural phenomenon that is followed by thunder
Small, or a species of owl
The long US state just south of Kentucky

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