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Can you name the shows whose titles are formed by swapping two words in a Broadway show by a summary of the plot?

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A tragedy about a poor violinist whose house collapses on him.
A musical about an African-American man, who wears a yellow shirt with a black stripe, who is constantly reminded of his race.
A satire about a very scholarly member of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints.
A very musical piece that centers around a ghost.
An informational musical that gives tips on how to make attempts, separately from one's career.
A delightful musical about finding rhythm in every auditory input.
A musical about a gunman who relentlessly pursues Miss Oakley.
A drama about a fierce conflict between equines.
A musical about a man who tries to convince himself to get to first base with his lady love Katherine.
A comedy about an arid land, with a person's name, belonging to the nearby monarch.
A Biblical tale of the rise of color TV, with excellent jackets made by Jacob's son.
A comedy about the small terrors of running a store.
A play about a sinister man that sells doom.
A musical about a group of adolescents who look for a way to give rise to warmer weather.

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