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QUIZ: Can you name the minecraft terms from A-Z?

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What a bow shootsA
Strongest block in minecraftB
TNT mobC
Under grass blocksD
Teleporting mobE
Used to cook meat, among other things.F
Weakest toolsG
Tool allowing you to farmH
What you get by smelting oreI
Crafted with a pumpkin and a torchJ
Command that kills youK
Blue dyeL
Gotten by using a bowl on a mooshroomM
Block in a nether fortressN
Used in nether portalsO
Pushes stuffP
White block whose ore is found in the Nether.Q
Used in a LOT of minecraft devicesR
Ground in a desert biomeS
Enchantment allowing tools to last longerU
Mob in housesV
Tameable with a boneW
An axisX
Gotten by placing a dandelion or sunflower in a crafting tableY
Mob that chases youZ

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