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definition(# of letters)word
used to indicate membership of A clAss of people or things(1)
expressing the time when An event tAkes plAce(2)
pAst tense of eAt(3)
the god recognized by AkhenAten(4)
A foreigner, especially one who is not A nAturAlized citizen of the country where they Are living(5)
of or relAting to An Atom or Atoms(6)
A report or description of An event or experience(7)
existing in thought or As An ideA but not hAving A physicAl or concrete existence(8)
A suite of rooms forming one residence, typicAlly in A building contAining A number of these(9)
shorten A word, phrAse, or text(10)
fit in with the wishes or needs of(11)
A shortened form of A word or phrAse(12)
definition(# of letters)word
A notice or Announcement in A public medium promoting A product, service, or event or publicizing A job vAcAncy(13)
something thAt hAs been achieved successfully(14)
An electricAl trAnsformer thAt has A single coil winding, pArt of which is common to both primAry And secondAry circuits(15)
deAling with the writer's own life(16)
hAving eAch verse beginning with the sAme letter thAt ends the preceding verse(17)
opposed to the constitution(18)
people who oppose vivisection(19)
the belief thAt communities should hAve the right to govern themselves And not be ruled by An outside force(20)
in An AntiferromAgnetic mAnner(21)
A person who supports or AdvocAtes AntiestAblishmentAriAnism.(22)
A policy or Attitude thAt views A nAtion's power structure As corrupt, repressive, exploitive, etc.(25)
opposition to the disestAblishment of the Church of EnglAnd(28)

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