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a region's average weather conditions
the place where two air masses or different temperatures or mostures meet
Name the two Dry Climates
the spread of desertlike conditions
a seasonal wind that bring either dry or moist air
nonrenewable resources that formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals
Name the Two Tropical Climates
resources that cannot be replaced
Permanently frozen layers of soil
The Clearing of trees
a group of plants and animals that adepend on each other for the survival and the environment in which they live
semidry grasslands or prairies
resources that Earth replaces naturally
Name the 3 polar climates
Measure of the degree East or West of the Prime Meridian
place where a plant or animal lives
winds that blow in the same directoin over large areas of Earth
Name Earth's five most important important natural resources
Indiana has what type of climate
areas of tall grasses and scattered trees and shrubs
what causes prevailing winds to go east and west instead of north and south
Two examples of severe weather that can be caused by weather fronts
measure of the degrees north or south of the equator
Which climate revieves the least rainfall?
which climate recieves the most rainfall?

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