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Can you name the modern cities once named after Alexander the Great

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Historical nameModern nameLocation
Alexandria CarmaniaSouthern Iran, near the straight of Hormuz
Alexandria MargianaEastern Turkmenistan, in the Karakum Desert
Alexandria in OpianiaEastern Afghanistan on the Ghazni River
Alexandria ArianaWestern Afghanistan in the Hari River Valley
Alexandria SusianaSouthern Iraq, near the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Alexandria BucephalousPunjab province, Pakistan, on the right bank of the Jhelum River
Alexandria on the LatmosSouthwestern Turkey, on the Aegean Sea
Alexandria on the OxusOn the Panj River along the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border
Alexandria ArachosiaSouthern Afghanistan near the Arghandab River
Alexandria in OrietaiSouthern Pakistan, near the coast with the Arabian Sea
Historical nameModern nameLocation
Alexandria near BabelCentral Iraq, near the Euphrates River
Alexandria ad Issum|AlexandrettaSoutheastern Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea
Alexandria TroasWestern Turkey, on the Aegean Sea
Alexandria Prophthasia, formerly PhraWestern Afghanistan, near the Iran-Afghanistan border
Alexandria on the IndusCentral Pakistan on the confluence of the Chenab and Indus Rivers
Alexandria EschateNorthern Tajikistan, on the Syr Darya River in the Fergana Valley
Alexandria on the CaucasusEastern Afghanistan at the junction of the Ghorband and Panjshir Valleys
Alexandria, formerly RhakotisEgypt's Mediterranean coast
AlexandroupolisSouthwestern Bulgaria, between the Pirin and Belasitsa mountain ranges

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