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Can you name the things that have the same first letter in the first and second word?

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Organization for people with drinking problemsAA
Rock band from Wilkes Barre, PABB
Channel that features GG and LLCC
Pants-less character of DisneyDD
Giving more than 100%EE
A school janitor's worst nightmare in the cafeteriaFF
Comedian, former voice of the AFLAC duckGG
The 'Politically Correct' way to say Merry Christmas to someoneHH
Capital of the Hoosier State (give capital and state)II
Guitarist known for 'Breakdown'JJ
Where SpongeBob SquarePants worksKK
Comedy's 'Queen of Mean'LL
Former SNL alum; starred in 'Shrek'MM
Actor who starred in 'The Thin Red Line'NN
Former 'Black Sabbath' lead singerOO
Nickname of former basketball great MaravichPP
Sound a duck makesQQ
Former U.S. President from 81-89RR
June 21st of every yearSS
Main Character in 'The Fairly OddParents'TT
Type of basketball layup (____ and __________)UU
Ethel Mertz in 'I Love Lucy'VV
The second one of these ended in 1945WW
Former Persian ruler who died in 465 B.C.XX
Senior citizens miss this time of their lifeYY
What the score is at the beginning of every sporting eventZZ

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