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Can you name the comedians who were interviewed for the Comedy Central tribute documentary 'Give It Up For Greg Giral?

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Host of Comedy Central's 'The Gong Show' and 'Insomniac'
Host of 'The Root Of All Evil' on Comedy Central
Hosts weekly podcast, played Kuby on 'Breaking Bad'
Star and namesake of her own NBC sitcom
Comedian who died 12 days before the airing of the special
Co-host of 'The Nick and Artie show' radio show
Stand-up comic, known for his 'Hot Pockets' bits
Star and co-creator of FX series 'Rescue Me', stand-up comic
Hosted late night talk shows on both NBC and TBS
Host of 'The Marriage Ref' on NBC
Stand-up comedian and current writer for Parks and Recreation
Host of 'Tough Crowd' on Comedy Central
Host of 'Last Comic Standing' in 2010
Featured on several roasts with Giraldo, nicknamed 'Roastmaster General'
Host of 1 vs. 100, played Danny Tanner on 'Full House'
Former SNL writer and ex-girlfriend to Jimmy Kimmel
Host of 'Daily Show' on Comedy Central
Star of 'Pretend Time' on Comedy Central
Host of '----.0' on Comedy Central
Host of 'Stand-Up Nation' on Comedy Central, judge on season 7 of 'Last Comic Standing', graduate of Harvard law school

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