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QUIZ: Can you name the Upper apendages muscles?

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Origin: Sternum, Clavicle, Rigs Cartilgae 1-7
Abducts arm
Flexes arm
Origin: Coracoid process of scapula
Inserts: Styloid process of radius
Inserts: Coronoid process of Ulna
Extends arm
Abducts 5th metacarple (thumb)
Extends 5th metacarple
Extends 5th metacarple
Extends phalanges and hand
Extends 1st metacaprle (pinky)
Extends and abducts hand
Extends and abducts hand
Extends and abducts hand
Flexes and abducts hand
Flexes hand
Flexes and adducts hand
Pronates hand (turns hand from palm up to palm down)
Pronates hand, flexes forearm
Superior Rotator Cuff
Origin: Infraspinatus fossa
Origin: Infraspinous fossa
Inferior Rotator Cuff
Extends, adducts, and rotates arm

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