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Correctly answer the following:
To what University did Jessie really want to be accepted?
Zach wrecked Lisa's mom's car while listening to what song?
What was the archrival school of Bayside?
What was the first name of Kelly's manager with whom she fell in love?
What was the name of Screech's girlfriend?
Who beat Slate in the obstacle course at the beach?
What was Miss Bliss' first name?
Mr. Belding's brother's name was......?
What sport did Zach play in High School?
Zach danced in what ballet when he needed a credit to graduate?
What was Mr. Belding's first name?
What was the correct answer to Zach's final question to win a trip to Hawaii?
The original name of the show was.......?
A.C stands for what as Slater's first name?
What was the mascot of Bayside?
What was Screech's first name?
Correctly answer the following:
What was Mr. Belding's favorite band?
Screech's mother was a huge fan of what musician?
What was the name of the movie star shooting an anti-drug commercial at bayside?
At what restaurant did the friends all hang out?
What was the name of Slater's sister?
The Driver Education teacher's name was..?
What product did Zach's father sell?
What was the name of Zach's and Screech's friend in the early episodes?
What was the name of the Math teacher?
What wasthe name of Zach's favorite animal from the pond?
What was the name of Screech's dog?
What was the name of the band consisting of Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa
What car did Zach want to buy?
What was the name of Slater's favorite pet?
Where did Zach, Slater, and Screech go with a fake ID?
What was the name of Zach's school song?

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