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QUIZ: Can you name the Nittany Chapter Alpha Delts?

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Forced Order
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Pledge ClassBrotherPosition & Hint
Fall 2007Frat Antenna, West Chester Cheddar Schredder
Spring 2007President, spent an hour one morning complaining that he couldn't find his wallet or keys, when one of the other brothers found them in the 3rd floor of 252's closet
Spring 2008Rajun Cajun, used to date a terrorist
Fall 2005The Man, just like Sam Jackson beer, it gets you drunk
Fall 2008Jersey Beach Trash, fan of the jungle boogie
Spring 2007Badass, once road his motorcycle while standing on the seat
Fall 2007Nerd from the Burgh, likes the sideways vagina
Spring 2009Historian, just trying to jam
Spring 2007Retard, lost his virginity to a dreadlocked lesbian rugby player
Spring 2008Bodyguard, will either beat your ass or eat it
Fall 2008Vice President, sent a kid to the hospital at the banger
Fall 2008Athletic Chair, was the last cut to play the role of the demon in Paranormal Activity
Fall 2008Philanthropy Chair, brings girls over to the house so other brothers can get laid
Spring 2007Needer of Adderall, the most annoying Giants and Yankees fan in the history of the world
Fall 2007Lit Chair, everyone eats his meat
Fall 2006Alumni Chair, The Asian Invasion
Fall 2007Skyscraper, best freestyle rapper in the fraternity
Fall 2007Social Chair, has an invisible slave name Tobey
Fall 2008House Manager, has the hottest girlfriend in the fraternity
Pledge ClassBrotherPosition & Hint
Spring 2009Canadian, illegal immigrant forced upon us by our brothers from the North
Spring 2008Pledge Master, cried at the end of the movie Notorious and then masturbated with his tears
Spring 2009Meat Head, stunt double for the movie Sex in the City
Spring 2008Dumpling, his parents still don't know that he's in a fraternity
Spring 2009Pledge Ass & Webmaster, filled up a bottle of white wine with red Franzia and claimed he was just trying to party
Fall 2008Treasurer, talks like Boomhower from the King of the Hills
Spring 2008Gay Dinosaur, may be in a secret love affair with the president
Fall 2008Secretary, going going back back to Cali Cali
Fall 2008Homeless Man, would do terrible things to Bruce Springsteen
Fall 2008Barn Animal, makes more sounds with his body than should be physically possible
Fall 2006Meatball, once yelled at a delivery guy for not knowing where the house was, insisting that it's the house with the fat kid on roller blades wearing a stethoscope in front of it
Spring 2008 Sergeant at Arms, wants to make love in this club right na na na
Spring 2008Marine Biologist, sucked on a 300 lb girl's boob in the middle of the kitchen
Spring 2009Balla, gets more ladies than Jay-Z gets Mercedes
Fall 2006Musician, had a threesome on State Patty's Day
Spring 2009Tiger Trainer, has a gay partner who was mauled by a tiger
Spring 2009Rush Chair, is the closest human link to primates
Academic AdvisorCorrect spelling of the full name of our favorite Jack Daniel-drinking Asian Engineering Professor

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