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YearMovieMain Actor
1985Sylvester Stallone
1926Buster Keaton
1996Samuel L. Jackson
1933Myrna Loy
1982Sylvester Stallone
2000Michelle Rodriguez
2006Sylvester Stallone
2005Joe Cortez
1979Sylvester Stallone
2010Richard Lord
1970James Earl Jones
1931Wallace Beery
2001Will Smith
1942Errol Flynn
1939Barbara Stanwyck
YearMovieMain Actor
1949Kirk Douglas
2005Russell Crowe
1956Humphrey Bogart
2005Eric Drath
1972Stacy Keach
2004Hilary Swank
1949Robert Ryan
2004Keith David
2010Mark Wahlberg
1956Paul Newman
1962Anthony Quinn
1947John Garfield
1976Sylvester Stallone
1996Muhammad Ali
1980Robert De Niro

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