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japanese flute - five hole end blown flute given to samarai warriors
double reed instrument from china
japanese mouth organ
japanese floor drum sticks
leader of peking opera (rhythmic)
leading melodic instrument of peking opera
codification and flourishing of international music in China occured in this dynasty
japanese all male theatre
chinese zither
Peking opera: young female role
japanese shoulder drum
leader of orchestra from china
chinese flute - end blown flute (Ming Dynasty)
leader of komagaku plays this drum
leader of togaku plays this drum
japanese plucked lute
chinese plucked lute
japanese plucked lute played by geishas
chinese bowed lute (silk category)
chinese mouth organ
Peking opera: minor old male role
first dynasty of mongoloid peoples occupying china
chinese flute - peking opera
Peking opera: a young male role
japanese zither
japanese double reed oboe (both Komagaku and Togaku)
japanese side drum
japanese flute - side blown in Togaku
japanese flute - side blown in Komagaku
Peking opera: a major female role for a mature woman

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