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Wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon but the pope denied it, so he created the Church of England just so he could divorce her. 6 wives
Had 3 weak sons who were dominated by their mother, Catherine de' Medici, French nobility took advantage of monarchical weakness and adopted Protestantism to show independence
Brought Catholicism back to England, married Philip II of Spain, known for murdering of thousands of Protestants
During short reign of Henry VIII's sickly son Cranmer simplified public worship, invited Protestant theologians to England, created the first Book of Common Prayer
Christian Humanist,emphasized inner piety while de-emphasizing external forms of religion, like sacraments, pilgrimages, fasts, saints, and relics; the Praise of Folly
King of independent Sweden and helped the Lutheran Reformation along in his country; he aided in establishing the Swedish Lutheran National Church
Habsburg king in Denmar, encouraged Lutheran preachers to spread their teachings and wanted for them to introduce a Lutheran liturgy into the Danish church service
Increased the power of the Inquisition so much that even liberal cardinals were silenced, created Index of Forbidden Books
Founded the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)
Founded Calvinism
Willing to sacrifice religious principles to political necessity to save France from religious troubles, 'converted' to Catholicism, issued the Edict of Nantes
Founded Zwinglianism
Wrote Utopia, believed in using skills to benefit the state
Founded Ursuline order of nuns, focused on education of women. She worked among poor, sick, and uneducated near Brescia, Italy
Chief minister and archbishop of Canterbury respectively, advised Henry VIII to dissolve English monasteries for money, then redistributing money (favoring the upper class)
Monk troubled by the sale of indulgences; wrote the 95 Theses; created Lutheranism
Father of Mary Queen of Scots, staunch Catholic, opposed reform in Scotland, but the monarchy was weak and the nobles supported Calvinism
Since he was dependent on Charles V, refused to annual the marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine, causing Henry to establish the Church of England
Dominican friar who ran Archbishop Albert's indulgence sale, promised purchase would bring full forgiveness of one's own sins or release a loved one's soul from purgatory
Emperor of Holy Roman Empire at this time, had the chance to stop Luther's movement from spreading but was too busy maintaining huge empire
Archbishop of Wittenberg and surrounding area, promoted indulgence sales and received a share of profits to pay off debts
Protestant half-sister to Mary Tudor; Anglican church moved gradually in the Protestant direction (English service, priests can marry, but still have church hierarchy)
King of Spain, son of Charles V, married Mary Tudor I, urged by the pope to avenge the execution of Mary Queen of Scots, he prepared the Spanish Armada, super Catholic
Catholic cousin of Elizabeth I, imprisoned so wouldn't start a Catholic plot to overthrow Elizabeth I, planned assassination of Elizabeth I that Philip II supported, but executed
Authorized the sale of Saint Peter's indulgences to finance building plans in Rome
Acknowledged the need for change in the church and hired a reform commission to study the condition of the church, called Council of Trent
Frederick's successor, installed a Lutheran state church with the king as the supreme authority in all ecclesiastical affair; spread Lutheranism to Norway
Authorized the sale of indulgences to finance building plans for Saint Peter's Bascillica in Rome

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