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Can you name the who is this biggest loser character season 11??

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Was eliminated week one. Daughter made it to the final 3.
Who was eliminated week two? (trick question)
Was eliminated week three. A twin
Was eliminated week four. Also a twin
Was eliminated week five. First person from the unknows to be eliminated
Was eliminated week six. First person on the red team to be eliminated.
Was eliminated week seven. Returned week twelve.
Was eliminated week eight. Was under the red line
Was eliminated week eight. Was eliminated by a vote
Was eliminated week nine. Was forced to switch teams if he didnt he would've stayed longer
Was eliminated week ten. Mom was eliminated two weeks earlier
Was eliminated week eleven. Volunteered to go home
Was eliminated week twelve. Volunteered to go home to keep Courtney at the ranch.
Was eliminated week thirteen. Was automatically eliminated because there was two people left on the team
Was eliminated week fourteen. Was the last person left on her team
Was eliminated week fifteen. Was the first person eliminated in new zealand
Was eliminated week sixteen. Was the first person eliminated in singles
Was eliminated week seventeen. Was kicked off the ranch
Was eliminated week seventeen. Never had huge numbers and gained at the finale
who was eliminated week eighteen? TRICK QUESTION
Was eliminated week nineteen. last person to be eliminated be for final four
Was eliminated at the finale. Americas vote
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